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You don’t want to miss a minute of the Olympic Gymnastics or anything else in the Olympics (such as the men’s 100m sprint, swimming, or basketball) do you? But what if you aren’t near your television at the time? What if you are at work instead? Or what if the TV conks out at the critical time? Or what if someone else is hogging the television and you miss some of the Olympic Gymnastics, or any other Olympic event that you are really interested in? Or what if you simply don’t want to be glued to the TV the whole time?

I was having similar issues, until I found a fabulous solution, and a really cheap one at that – watch Olympics online using Satellite Direct.  (I’ll tell you below a trick for getting this way cheaper than the offer price.) If you are fed up with the high price of cable TV (yes, you can ONLY watch all of NBC’s olympics online if you are subscribed to MSNBC and CNBC!!), to say nothing of missing programs you love because you don’t have access to a television right then, you will love Satellite Direct. Satellite Direct is a totally different way to watch TV.

You don’t need a TV, you don’t need any special hardware, and you don’t have to pay your monthly cable bill! How cool is that? Simply watch TV using your computer. Or, if you happen to be near your huge flat screen, then just hook up your computer to the TV screen!

I don’t know about you, but my monthly bill for cable was well over $44.99 + taxes for America’s Top 120, once the promotional 12 months from Dish Network were up. Whoever your cable provider is, and whatever the package you are subscribing to, I think it’s a safe guess to say that you are paying a pretty hefty amount for cable every month. But what am I going to do but pay every month, I used to think–a person has to watch all these sporting events, movies, soaps, dramas, comedies…right?  Wrong, I discovered.  With Satellite Direct, you simply watch an unbelievable number of channels online, with no monthly payment ever!

The software is super easy to install, and needs only a single payment of $49.95 for Satellite Direct.  But guess what?  I am going to share with you a way to get it for just $29.95 instead.  Here’s what you do, step by step:

1. Please read carefully through this list.

2. Once you get to Satellite Direct’s page by clicking on the link at the bottom of this list, read the entire page and be incredibly amazed at what you have been missing until now.

3.  Close your mouth, which is open in amazement, at being able to get all this for a one time payment of $49.95.

4. Click the little “x” on the tab, or hit the “Back” button of your browser, pretending like you are actually going to turn away from this offer. (As if!)

5.  You’ll be asked whether you want to “Leave the Page” or “Stay on Page”.  Select “Stay on Page”.  A little chat window shows up, where a supposed associate will ask you how they can help or something like that.  Just type in a couple of things, and then you will be offered the same product at the unbelievable price of a single payment of $29.95!

6. Now you download the software at this low price. Satellite Direct is offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so there is nothing to lose.

7.  Enjoy watching the olympics on your computer, and just about everything else as well.

8.  Never pay another cable bill, and laugh at those who do!

Ready?  Ok then – click here to watch olympics online.


HURRY — Just a few more days left until the Olympics!  And this offer above may not last much longer…


P.S. If you want to watch NFL games online, follow a particular team online, or just watch the superbowl online,  you can do so using this as well.

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